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wife swapping

I am 41 year old married Muslim woman from Pali Hill, Bandra area in Mumbai, India. Being raised in conservative Muslim family, I was married very early at the age of 20. I have been married for 21 years. I have 20 year old daughter & 19 year old son studying in college.
Ten years back when I was 31, while cleaning my house, I accidentally discovered few magazines that my husbands had hidden. Out of curiosity, I opened it & found that it is magazine for swingers. There were lot of advertisement for wife swapping, gang bang, three some etc. There were hundreds of ads in it. I read it and put that back.
Fast forward, my hubby showed that magazine to me later on. I pretended that I have not seen that magazine. He asked me what I thought about people who does wife swapping. I said, well if two consenting adults want the same thing then it is no body's business. After doing lot of beating around the bush he proposed whether I am Ok if he shared me with his best mates & bosses or meeting other couples for wife sharing.
Since I am raised in a very conservative religious environment, it was not easy to get past mental barrier. I must give credit to my husband the way he slowly brainwashed me in to wife swapping things. After few months, I got ready to attend swinger party with the condition that I will just watch but will not participate.
I attended party. Many men approached me but we politely rejected them. Being Muslim woman I had attraction for Hindu man because it is a big taboo in India and I was curious about uncircumcised penis so I was turned on when I saw few Hindu naked men in the party.
Next party was held after a month and we participated in wife sharing. I acted on my fantasy of sleeping with Hindu men. we did wife swapping three more times & for some strange reasons he lost interest in wife swapping. He instead preferred ********* with other single man. My hubby then shared me with his mates and his bosses. The ********* gradually turned in to foursome & gang bang. I wanted to sleep with complete strangers as I was not comfortable to sleep with acquaintances as it has a big risk of all people knowing it. However, my hubby was hell bent on pleasing his friends and bosses so I had to accept his demands.
5 years back my hubby got a job in Saudi Arabia. So he now works for two years there & then visit India for two months leave. After my hubby went to Saudi Arabia, his friends recommended me to offer paid sex. I rejected the idea for first two years but after 2 years my hubby bought a 4 bedroom apartment in Lokhandwala complex. We took a huge loan from HDFC bank for this flat. To help my husband to pay off bank loan quickly, I accepted my hubbys friends offer. They started bringing clients and shared me with other men for paid sex. I think they were also taking money separately from these clients.
Since I was sleeping with many men anyway, offering sex for money was not any issue for me. It went well.
Then one day, i got very unusual offer from Hubbys friends. They said, they have few clients. These clients want to shagg me in group as a gang bang. These clients will bring another prostitute as well. Then all the clients will take turns to root me & other woman. But the condition is that me & other woman will be blindfolded so that we can't see who is screwing us. They said we both woman will need to entertain six clients. They offered huge money so I just accepted the offer without much thinking.
This rendezvous was organized at one of my hubby's best friend who was divorcee and living alone. The other woman was already present in other room & was already blindfolded so she can't see. The moment I reached there, I was blindfolded. All my clothes were removed & then I was put on the bed. The other woman was brought & placed beside me. Then **** began. No one was talking. There was pin drop silence which was bit unusual. The clients were taking turns between me & other woman. I felt that skin touch were familiar. Before every one, completed two rounds, i figured out that these clients appears to be all hubbys friends but I was wondering why they had to blindfold me. After all six people finished two rounds, they removed cover from my eyes & other woman. We both women were completely nude and we did not know where our clothes are kept. Any way, after we both woman opened our eyes & saw each other. We both were almost fainted. The other woman was my own daughter.
Then I was told this story. Hubbys friends were eying on my daughter for last few years. Last year, they offered her big money to sell her virginity to them which she did. Within short time, they also started bringing clients for her. My daughter told me that she is part time job to earn some extra money for her marriage & I did not suspect anything wrong in it. She was actually doing prostitution like me. These hubbys friends had eaten

real story of a slut

I decided I wanted to be a prostitute when I was seventeen. Most people assume I made this decision because I had seen Pretty Woman too many times, because my parents didn’t hug me enough, or because I was somehow coerced into my decision. None of these assumptions are correct. I’ve always been prone to viewing my life more as a story or a series of discrete experiences than as an actual life of connected events. However, saying I decided to join the oldest profession to advance my story is also overly simplistic.
During my teen years, almost all of my friends were older than me and many of my female friends were sex workers. Unlike my civilian friends, my sex worker friends never worried about rent, yet almost always had money for nice things. They weren’t rich by any means–most sex workers aren’t–but they were secure. They were also incredibly cool. Of course, I wasn’t so stupid to think their jobs were easy: the fact that they could juggle both the outside prejudice and the layers of euphemism (even deceit) their professions required was… inspiring to me.
Still. Despite my admiration for the sex workers I knew, I probably would never have become one myself if it weren’t for my friend Leslie.
Leslie was slightly closer to my age than most of my other friends. She had a kind of luminous sensuality and an ability to manipulate men that I admired . She had a regular job at a trendy shoe store that I wished I could afford to patronize, and she took appointments with what she called “Mr. Spankys.” Mr. Spankys were men who paid girls to lie across their knees and get spanked. It seemed sort of glamorous. Better yet, they usually paid her between $150 and $200. The more she told me about it, the more attractive the idea became.
…But I figured I was too young. One day, I shared my sorrow with Leslie and she just looked at me.
“Um, they don’t card or anything, you know?” she said.
Somehow–despite the fact that this was all organized via Craigslist and although I had been buying cigarettes since I was fourteen–it never occurred to me that I didn’t necessarily have to be of age to be a sex worker. With that, all of my problems were solved! It didn’t matter that I was a little girl with an armful of bad tattoos! I would be able to move out of my mother’s house completely! No one would ever be the boss of me again!
My enthusiasm for the idea of being an unstoppable sex worker team was really all it took to convince Leslie. She called me the next day to tell me that she had convinced a new Mr. Spanky to see both of us at the same time. He would pay us $500 each, and was I free that weekend?

In the days leading up to my first sex job I was horribly nervous. I kept going over all the things that could go wrong and all the horror stories I had heard about young women being sold into slavery. My legs were shaking as Leslie and I rode the elevator up to the hotel room and it occurred to me that I didn’t even know this guy’s name. Then… nothing awful happened. Leslie and I entered the hotel room, exchanged awkward pleasantries with a good-natured old man, got paid, did some schoolgirl role-play, and then we each got spanked while the other counted out the blows. It was so clean. So neatly, beautifully transactional. The whole experience was almost boring.
It’s worth mentioning that the hotel room television was turned to the news and the anchor was in the midst of exposing the Eliot Spitzer scandal. The irony struck me, of course.
More striking than the scandal itself, though, was the quantity of money exchanged. I knew I couldn’t bring in the thousands of dollars Ashley Dupré made, but I was certain that something as universally desired as sex would pay at least as much as I’d just made for getting spanked. …And would certainly pay more regularly than even the most popular fetish.
It took me a few months to work up the nerve to post an advertisement. In the meantime I got spanked a lot, gave a few footjobs, bought a lot of shoes, and considered the pros and cons of going all the way to real prostitution. By the time I actually put up my ad, I was eighteen. I settled on three hundred dollars per hour for my rate and ‘Sexy Suicide Girl Wants to Please You!’ as my tagline. The response was overwhelming! I managed to pin down two appointments within an hour. It was surreal, all I had to do was get on my back and suddenly everyone wanted to hire me? Why hadn’t I done this earlier?
As I looked forward to my first appointment, I alternated between feelings of serene power and terror. Half the time I was romanticizing my new profession and imagining all the money I’d be making. The other half, I was panicking over the myriad things that could go wrong. None of my sex worker friends were official prostitutes, the most any of them did was give a paid blowjob here or there, and most of them didn’t even do that. I had no-one to ask for advice. What would I wear? Because I marketed myself as a Suicide Girl-type, I knew guys wouldn’t be expecting a polished supermodel to show up at their door, however I wasn’t sure if they would be expecting me with my wardrobe of ragged plaid skirts and dresses made for obese children. You can only take the Lolita fetish so far.
It may seem strange, but I wasn’t concerned about the sex. I was already having mediocre sex with near-strangers regularly enough that I viewed prostitution as just getting paid to refrain from kicking the asshole out of bed. Beyond the aesthetics, I was sure I was more than prepared to become a whore.

how i become prostitue story

I am a prostitute, working in the red-light areas of Pune. I have been in this profession for the last 25 years. People look at us with disgust and scorn. I have only one question to ask. Was I born a prostitute? No. Even I was born in a respected family. Then why does society look at me as if I do not deserve to live.

I was ten years old when my parents got me married to a man, much older than me. I was oblivious to the duties of a wife. I didn’t know what sex was and my menstrual cycle had not started. My husband forced me to have sex with him. He would beat me and starve me for days. He started having illicit relations with my sister-in-law. My objections were met with further torture. When I couldn’t bear it anymore, I left his house and went back to my parents.

When I was 11, my mother started having physical relations with a man in my father’s absence. Seeing my mother indulge in sex with another man, I was filled with curiosity and desire to experience it myself. There was a man in our locality who started coming to our house when I was alone. He forced me to do ‘things’ for him.

We were very poor and my father had to struggle to fill our stomachs. When my mother came to know about that man, she kept quiet. One day she asked me to go to a local pujari to have sex with him. “He will give us food to eat if you do certain favours for him,” she said. I started going to him and he gave us atta, dal and other eatables in return for sleeping with him. This went on for a long time. My mother started getting men to the house. I was 12 years old then.

After a few years, my family shifted to a construction site for work. There I met a man who got me a cooking job in a hotel. One day, he offered me cold-drink. I didn’t know that he had mixed a drug in it. I became unconscious and was raped by two men.

When my father came to know about this incident, he beat me up and tried to strangulate me. In a fit of anger I left my house and went to my relative’s house in search for a job. My aunt promised me a job in Pune. She brought me to Pune and sold me to a gharwali (brothel-keeper) for 500 Rs. That moment changed my whole life and attached the tag of a prostitute to me.

Since then it has been a roller coaster ride. I met a man who promised me a good life. I stayed with him for a few years after which he fell for a young girl and left me. I had to again go back to prostitution to support myself. In the meantime my father died and I started supporting my family with my earnings. I got my sister and brother married. They are the same people who now don’t allow me to enter their house. They say it affects their reputation.

I’m 45 years old now. It has been 35 years of struggle to survive in a world which does not respect a woman. I'm staying with a man now. He’s not earning and I’m supporting him. Why am I doing it? Because then I feel like going home, thinking that someone is there. Like everyone, I also need a companion and ‘sahara’ {support).

That is my life story in brief.  I blame my parents for getting me married at such a young age. I blame my mother for destroying my life when she cajoled me into this profession. A man suppresses a woman in our society. It is strange why a woman cannot understand another woman

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Jaipur is the city of love city of peace here girls are really beautiful and sexy, they are so hot 4 places are famous for hot girls Vaishali nagar, Rajapark, Mansarovar, Malviya nagar.In jaipur many collage girls are also favorite picnic spot of girls are nahargragh, hawamahal, jaigragh, jantar mantar, kanak ghati, govind dev ji, city place, often at that places girls go to picnic.

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Real indian kamasutra

The real indian kamasutra main source is ancient kings of india they started  it and this continue till
they use SILLAJEET, MUSLI, ASWAGHANDHA, SWARN BHASM, ABHARK BHASM, LOAH BHASM, etc. things to improve sex capacity of themselves.

Interesting fact about indian ancient kings is that while doing sex they use upto 100 position.
Indian kings were also get helped of impotent(KINNER'S) for doing sex with thier queens. Kinner set positions of queens and king do. Some images of earlier days are here

Khajuraho mandir

Wild position

while doing sex
Before sex

king and queen sex
Near to Start

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sex on fire
Down attack style
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ultimate kamasutra

Prostitution in jaipur

In jaipur city prostitution is going on from a long decade.Various areas of city listed in this business.Some of famous names of jaipur are also connect with it. Following areas are famous for prostitution


This village is most known for prostitution spot.Location of this place is at Diggi-Maalpura highway road.Police raid here several times but no effect seen here. Prostitutes charges very minimum amount here so all the labor class comes to this place, even some money man, gangsters also come for sexual satisfaction.

(1)Jai Singhpura

Jaisinghpura is comes after teelawala in jaipur. Here girls involve in prostitution are from west india, Bengal,Calcutta,Aasam,Mizoram.
This place mostly not raided by police due to distance from main police stations.Only well known of this area often go there.